About Us

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About Us

Welcome to our innovative personal e-commerce site! In our space, you can manage and organize your belongings simply and efficiently. Whether you want to sell your products to the general public, notify your close contacts or maintain a catalog private, our platform allows you to do it in a personalized way.


Each item can be tagged according to its condition, location and availability, giving you full control of your possessions. Join our community and discover a smarter way to manage and sell your goods.

Our History

eslomenos.com begins with a common problem: the need to manage our possessions more intelligently. A few years ago, a group of entrepreneurs found themselves dealing with an excess of belongings and the challenge of keeping track of what they had and what they truly used. It was at that moment that the idea of creating a platform that would allow people to keep an inventory of their possessions in a straightforward way was born.


Anita Doe

The vision of eslomenos.com was clear: to assist individuals in taking control of their belongings, making management and decision-making easier. With this vision in mind, the development of a platform where each item could be labeled, categorized, and organized based on its status, location, and availability was set in motion. Users could decide whether they wanted to sell, donate, lend, or simply maintain a private record of their possessions.

As the platform grew, so did the user community. People from all over the world joined eslomenos.com to simplify their belongings’ management and share their items with others. The company became a space where organization and connectivity harmoniously merged.

Today, eslomenos.com has become a reference in personal asset management. It helps individuals discover the true value of what they own and make informed decisions about their use. The company continues to expand, always committed to its mission of simplifying people’s lives through intelligent possession management.